3D Designs - Model Railways

These 3D models have been created specifically for my own 3D printing purposes. They have all been tested sucessfully using Anycubic Photon Mono 2K and Mono X 4K resin printers. You may need to experiment with supports - I tend to use a lot of very fine supports, which requires a bit of cleanup but gives good prints. No idea how they will print on filament printers. No warranty is offered or implied.

They are released under Creative Commons License (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

You are free to:

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Available Designs

Shunters' Truck

Hornby’s model of the diminutive Ruston & Hornsby 48DS is an absolute gem. It runs extremely well; amazing given its tiny 0-4-0 wheel arrangement. Hornby provides a “match truck” with extra wheel pickups that can be electrically connected to the loco. This improves reliability even more. The supplied match truck is a fairly basic ConFlat wagon. I thought a shunters' truck might be more appropriate to pair with the 48DS. This free-lance design consists of only three pieces, a deck and two sides. It is designed to simply replace the existing ConFlat deck (which just unclips from the chassis). I drilled a hole in the centre of the chassis so I could run a fixing screw up into the toolbox which has a hole formed in it. (1:76 scale)

Shunters Truck

Download .STL files

LNER-Style Cast-Iron-Bracket Buffer

There are plenty of commercial buffers available, but for my shunting micro-layout I wanted something really compact. I came across photos of a old LNER style that had cast-iron brackets at the rear, bracing the headstock. Using this concept, I came up with my design that takes up very little space. It is sized so that when installed on the same base as Peco code75 track, it should be the correct height. The drilling jig allows accurate drilling of holes in the baseboard to take the attachment pegs. (1:76 scale)

LNER Buffer

Download .STL files

Battery Electric Shunting Tractor

I find small industrial locomotives from the early days of the railways fascinating, especially alternative power such as “fireless” and electric. This free-lance design for a battery electric shunting tractor takes cues from a variety of styles and simply fits over the Hornby 48DS chassis with no modifications to the chassis whatsoever. (1:76 scale)

Battery Electric Shunting Tractor

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Download the instructions

WW2 Austin K2 N.A.A.F.I Van

During World War 2, Navy Army Air Force Institute refreshment vans, run by volunteers, were a common site amongst the troops. This is a re-mix of an original model by "m_bergman" uploaded to Thingaverse, modifying the cab and chassis, making the wheels seperate pieces and creating a new body, complete with interior. It's to 1:100, but scales up to 1:76 OK on my printer. Not fine-scale, but looks the part. I added micro-LEDs for interior lighting and installed a "tea lady". (1:100 scale)

NAAFI Refreshment Van

Download .STL files

WW2 Concrete Air Raid Shelter

During world War 2, civilian air raid shelters sprang up everywhere, ranging from the DIY Anderson shelters to substantial concrete structures built by the authorities. This design is based on shelters built in Brisbane, Australia, erected in streets and around factories. A few still remain. There are two sizes. The large is approximately 80mm long, while the small is 70mm long. (1:76 scale)

WW2 Concrete Air Raid Shelter

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QR DH Class Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive

My favourite locomotive, bar none, is the “DH Class” of early diesel hydraulic locomotives built by Walkers Ltd for Queensland Railways in Australia. I have fond memories of watching them shunt fruit wagons at the Golden Circle cannery at Bindha in the early 1980s. The QR locos are to 1067mm track gauge, although the design was adapted for the standard gauge 73 Class for the New South Wales Government Railways. Quite a few DHs still survive around the place, having been sold off by QR to new owners. Some have even been re-gauged to 610mm, 900mm and one-metre gauge. The model has been based on original drawings by Brian Millar, who has also generously provided lots of photographs and ancillary drawings. While the original file is to 4mm scale (OO), it scales nicely to HO and even TT on my Anycubic printer. I have included a HO version and S Scale version that I have re-scaled in the design software, but you can also re-scale the OO version in your printer. Note that the exhaust stack and horns are separate pieces and are really tiny - don't lose them when removing from the print plate! For my model (4mm scale) I am using a Black Beetle motor bogie, so the chassis and bogie sideframe are designed to suit.

Re-scaling ratios: OO to HO = 87.36%, OO to TT = 63.33%, OO to S = 118.75%.

DH Locomotive

Download .STL files

QR AEC Railmotor (RM55 Red Fred)

Queensland Railways operated a variety of small railmotors. RM55 (known as Red Fred) was built in 1930, using a AEC petrol-powered truck/bus chassis. As built, it had open sides, but in 1938 the body was enclosed and the AEC petrol motor replaced with a 38 kW (50hp) 4 cylinder Gardner diesel engine. RM55 was based at Isis, then Fassifern and Beaudesert around the 1940s and 50s. By 1954, RM55 have moved to Townsville until withdrawn from service in 1966, being the last of its type in service. The 3D files have been created from a basic dimensional drawing and various photos. The floor cutout has been sized to take a Steam Era Models "Black Bug" power units, but you will need to figure out a front bogie. The roof print provides a basic profile, but you will need to sand/file the compund curve to a final smooth shape. (1:76 and 1:64 scales)

RM55 Railmotor

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QR Fruit Bins)

In the 1970s, pineapples/fruit traffic was big business for Queensland Railways on the North Coast Line (NCL). Train loads of pineapples were a regular sight when the fruit was in season. This is a representaion of the standard 7' x 3' x 3'2" fruit bin used in South East Queensland. The pineapple load includes the two top horizontal braces. If you model an empty bin, you will need to create these using wire or styrene rod.(1:87 and 1:64 scales) [Read more about fruit bins, including how they were loaded on wagons.]

Fruit Bins

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