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Looking Back to See Forward (13-May-2016) The Blogosphere has a great history of guest Blogging - my alter-ego had a few posts on ... [more]

Facebook: like rubbing two sticks together (17-Aug-2012) Social media isn't new. Ok, so the term might be new, but long ago, when some Paleolithic bright ... [more]

IT Professionals: grow a backbone and evolve! (22-Jun-2012) I am bold enough to call myself an IT Professional. But, if I am honest, it feels a bit o ... [more]

Help, a robot vomited in my car! (01-May-2012) Vehicle design is something close to my heart and I love looking at a well-designed car. Apparent ... [more]

Brisbane Wintergarden - design flop or not? (16-Apr-2012) The Wintergarden shopping mall in Brisbane’s CBD has undergone a $AUD100 million makeover & ... [more]

Ve are not strange, ve are Svedish (17-Sep-2004) I got my new IKEA catalogue in the mail last night. While I’ve never actually bought anythi ... [more]

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