And Return

::::::::::::::::::: work in progress :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

He opened his eyes to the sound of


Her voice was on the other end of the phone.

"Hi, it's me. I'm coming home tomorrow."


"You soud Italian."

"I am Italian."

"You know what I mean."

She laughed gently. The laugh that always disarmed him; that was always just right, no matter what the situation. "Well, I've been speaking nothing but Italian for the past week so I guess I've picked up the accent again."

"It's nice. I like it."

"Don't get too used to it," she warned him. "It'll wear off quickly."


"How's things, then?"

"That's why I rang. I'm coming home. I take a flight down to Rome this evening. I should get in there Thursday morning.


"When the number of your flight?"

"QF 548. You'll remeber that?

"I'll make an effort.


"What time is it there, anyway. I didn't get you out of bed, did I?"

"No," he lied. "I was up and about."