The Pearl

The PearlAll that stands between humanity and oblivion is the Shutaka...

Humans have long since left Earth to explore the stars and settle new planets throughout the universe. An uneasy truce lies between the Federation of the Inner Rim and the young independent Outer Rim planets.

The Shutaka are an old race of humans – their fierce mercenary warriors feared throughout the Two Rims. But the Shutaka have a secret they have kept for countless generations, since the dawn of time itself. They are the Gatekeepers of God.

Suddenly, the hunters have become the hunted and, unknown to the rest of humanity, the Shutaka are in a race against time to prevent a Dimming that could extinguish all life in the universe. But they are not entirely alone – they find friends in unexpected places who are prepared to sacrifice everything to help them.

But will it be enough?