The Pearl - Chapter 16


"There were two other Shutaka in the room; the young one escaped, but the other was finally killed by Stel - after she had accounted for half of our squad. Stel remained to hunt the one that escaped and delay anyone who tried to follow us. He plans to return to Basra by his own means."

The guard's words pushed their way into Jor-Dak's drugged brain. A picture came to his mind of Lilith-Soo holding off half a dozen attackers while he desperately looked for a way to get the Pearl away. Kisa-Mara had managed to open the window and climb onto the ledge outside. Jor was in the process of helping Krys through the opening into the arms of Kisa when he felt a sting in his neck, then nothing more.

"Kisa," he thought, "She must have got away." He knew that this was




"Take them to the interogation rooms," instructed Taran. "Keep them together, but make sure you search them well before you leave them."

"Yes Excellency,


As soon as they were alone, Jor closely inspected their cell. He quickly discoverd the locations of ARAK's surveilence sensors, but could find the

"It's him, Jor. Taran is the one."

"Are you sure..." Jor began, then stopped himself. He could feel it too, he knew she spoke the truth; the Emporer's mind was the one the Keepers and Misha-Dan had felt pulling at the Pearl. Jor looked at Kyrs in despair; despite the best efforts of the Shutaka, they had not been able to prevent the Pearl falling into the hands of the person who threatened it most. If Taran realised what he had, all was lost.



With relief, Jor saw that Taran was going to try to use the helmet on Krys first.


Taran placed the Alien helmet on the girl's head, mildly suspicious of her docility. He touched the small switch located at the back of the helmet. The green blinking light changed to steady red.


Krys smiled up at the puzzled Taran. "I think, Emperor, you'll find that the device is no longer functional. Unless you wish to wear it as a fashion accessory, of course."


Basran resistance

Belle & Visa-Mil, Tanah-Luc & Natal-Mirra


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