Eternal Light

Eternal LightAll things must pass – even the Shutaka...

The Pearl is being drawn to Old Earth – and the Keepers must follow or risk losing it. And where the Keepers go, so do the Shutaka.

Their journey will take them through a part of the Inner Rim now experiencing turmoil and conflict, with the Federation still battling remining elements of the deposed traitorous former President.

Leith Birro and his Shutaka mercenaries enlist the help of the Outer Rim Confederacy to provide additional protection on their voyage to the now barren and lifeless Old Earth. There, the Gatekeepers of God are presented with a way in which the safety of the Pearl – and humanity – can be assured for all time.

But there is a large price to be paid.

For the little Shutaka who grew wings, this will be a challenge for which nothing could have prepared her. She may need to sacrifice everything...

Is the time of the Shutaka drawing to a close?