Short Stories Collection

Drinking Coffee from a Bowl - Collection of Short StoriesDrinking Coffee from a Bowl - A Collection of Short Stories

Life doesn’t come with an instruction book. Most of us try to figure it out as best we can as we go along.

Like learning to drink coffee from a bowl without burning your fingers.

Love and loss are very much part of life. Both require faith to survive. Faith in others, or faith in the future.

This collection of ten short stories (and two poems) explores love and loss from very different perspectives, involving strangers and friends, optimists and cynics, old and young.

Some of the stories are gentle and poignant, while others are gritty and confronting. Not all have happy endings. Just like life. But all offer hope, in one form or another, to those left to carry on.

Stories in this Collection

  • To Pere Lachaise
  • Clover
  • Tilt
  • Short Straw
  • Last Orders
  • The Kite
  • The Soldier's Quest
  • The Search
  • Smell of Linseed
  • Six Blocks