Escape from Hades

The PearlIf you are going to confront the devil, it’s handy to have God’s Warriors on your side...

The Pearl is safe. The Shutaka have found sanctuary and are slowly rebuilding their strength. While there remains much unrest in the Two Rims, the future of the Shutaka, and that of humanity, seems assured – at least for now.

But for some, the past that will not stay buried and must be confronted once and for all.

Leith Birro and his Shutaka mercenaries respond to a call for help from a former enemy turned ally and their journey leads them to a small planet in the Outer Rim, where they discover demons lurking beneath, ready to unleash unimaginable horrors on the planets.

The Gatekeepers of God have faced many opponents and never failed to be victorious, but this time they may have met their match.

It will take more than just courage...